Who We Are

ToolLeaf is an experienced team of thinkers, leaders, creatives, and brand developers. We produce results for businesses in the cannabis and hemp space.

If you run a cannabis business, 10X GROWTH is within your reach. Call us today to find out how to grab it.

The cannabis industry is exploding.

Thanks to changes in the legal status and cultural acceptance of marijuana, CBD, and other cannabis products:

  • The largest cannabis stocks are up 2x, 10x, or even more since 2016.
  • The cannabis industry is projected to grow 26.7% per year between 2017 and 2022, far faster than other industries.
  • From sales of $6.9 billion in 2016, projections suggest $31.3 billion by 2022, $50 billion by 2026, and $75 billion by 2030.
  • $130 billion by 2030, doubling the sales of the soda industry and competitive with alcohol.

Hundreds of cannabis companies will be lifted up by this rising tide

It takes more than just showing up.

Without strong branding, other cannabis companies will miss the boat … and miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for exponential growth.

A great brand is like a surfboard. It can catch a looming wave and take you on the ride of your life.

ToolLeaf builds the board for you to ride the cannabis wave. We are turn-key brand builders with an 18-year track record of success. Your cannabis company’s one-stop-shop for:

  • Brand Development
  • Web Development
  • Creative Consultation
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Funding Support

With ToolLeaf, it’s all done for you, and it works.
We do the branding; you do what you do best, whether it’s:

  • Cannabis Farming
  • Cannabis Processing
  • Cannabis Distribution
  • Marijuana Delivery
  • Edible Marijuana Production
  • Cannabis Cosmetics or Marijuana-Infused Body Products
  • Cannabis Accessories
  • Marijuana Catering and Event Planning
  • Cannabis Floral Arrangement
  • Cannabis Box Service
  • Cannabis Retail
  • Cannabis Restaurant or Bed & Breakfast
  • Marijuana, Hemp, and CBD Concentrate Extraction
  • Cannabis Blogger or Influencer

Call us today for affordable tips to prosper in the Green Rush.

About Us

ToolStudios, the parent company of ToolLeaf, was founded in 2001 in Niwot, Colorado,
a small town with big ideas 7 miles outside of Boulder.


Founder Charles Bell had a vision:

  • A boutique branding and marketing agency
  • A unique and talented team of branding specialists
  • A small-town approach to customer service
  • A network of mutually beneficial relationships — mom-and-pop stores and multimillion-dollar business alike

Over 19 years on the cutting edge of branding theory and practice have made that vision a reality.

Our Mission

Quality work that promotes our clients products and services in the most affordable manner.

Who We Are​

Colorado led the nation in progressive Cannabis policy. When the Colorado Green Rush kicked off, ToolStudios heard the call to action.

ToolLeaf was born to put that 19+ years of branding expertise into the toolbox of our neighbors and fellow entrepreneurs. If you want to position your company to catch a piece of the cannabis boom, call us today.

At ToolLeaf, we believe in the Cannabis Industry — its vision, ideals, and the value it can bring to the world. It is an honor, a pleasure, and a passion to help emerging marijuana, CBD, and hemp entrepreneurs succeed.

Our Goal

Create, sell stuff, promote the latest idea, make a little money and have a little fun in the process.

Who We Help?

The dreamers, the thinkers, the passionate and the true entrepreneurs & maybe a corporation or two..

Our Mission!

Quality work that promotes our clients products and services in the most affordable manner.

Our Goal!

Create, sell stuff, promote the latest idea, make a little money and have a little fun in the process.

Why Us?

Why Not? For the past 17 years, Toolstudios has satisfied clients with quality work and impressive design.

What We Do?

We are thinkers first and foremost. Our work is handcrafted to be effective to the end customer. And it works.

Where We Work?

We are 7 miles outside of Boulder in our hometown of Niwot, Colorado. Great small town with big ideas.