One of our favorite clients that we have enjoyed not only building this brand but working on other pjects as tehy expand beyond just Electra Leaf. 

As is the case with some other clients Pedro Sotomayor is one of the leading consultants in the Cannbis space and works throughout the US helping others to set up their businesses. We continue to support Pedro in all his ventures as needed including ElectraLeaf Altvm and Liberty Cannabis. 

About ElectraLeaf

ElectraLeaf is a cannabis brand founded in Michigan by Pedro J. Sotomayor and Paula Givens in 2017. As partners in the cannabis compliance and licensing firm, PPi Consulting Group (PPi), they have together submitted more than 40 license applications in the state of Michigan, in addition to several winning license applications in New York, Illinois, and Ohio. As an organization, PPi has worked in 15 states and territories where cannabis is legal for medical or recreational use.

To successfully launch ElectraLeaf, Pedro and Paula have brought together a world class team with expertise in regulatory compliance, law, biotechnology, marketing, consumer goods manufacturing, community outreach, real estate, marijuana cultivation and manufacturing, medicine, and emerging markets.

This diverse business, social, medical, and regulatory background will allow ElectraLeaf to position the company and brand for long-term gains by addressing a mix of healthcare and lifestyle needs. Guided by a regulatory compliance program with strong policies and procedures founded in International and Federal laws, such as OSHA, and regulated by state and local rules for the production and sale of medical marijuana, ElectraLeaf will quickly establish itself as a dominating brand in the Michigan market.