Herbology is a part  of the largest Cannabis company in the world after recently being acquired by Cureleaf.  Herbology is our second very large scale enterprise sites that we feel is precedent setting in how to build and manage multi state and location web sites in this space. This site uses form o the most advanced technologies and will accommodate over 10 states and 60 locations when it is full populated. Each state has its own rules and laws and the site was design to easily accommodate this. We are also using cookies to easly identify the user and  land them safely on their preferred home page anytime the visit the site.

We also are integrating with Baker for commerce, but it is designed to expand it to its own commerce system much like Trulieve.com our other enterprise level system.

Great things are to come with this site and are grateful for the opportunity and freedom to build something we know we are all so very proud of and that sets a standard in this growing industry that we feel is second to known.

About Herbology

ER-bology. HER-bology. Call us whatever you like — as long as you don’t call us a dispensary. Sure, technically, we’re a dispensary. But, we do things differently around here.

We don’t call ourselves Bud Tenders. We’re Herbologists who share a healthy obsession with the science behind the cannabis plant, and all it can do for your body and soul. We’re not a typical store. We’re part of a community.

We operate in the same hometowns where we live and work with our family and friends. Our spaces are as welcoming and warm as your local hangout, and we’re a respected and active member of the community.

We’re not just about selling. We’re also about sharing what we know.

If you want to talk genetics and strains and get geeky, we’ll get deep in the weeds on terpenes and tinctures. (How much time do you have?). Don’t know your CBD from your THC or your ABCs?

Not to worry. We’ll meet you there and keep it simple.

So, ER-bology. HER-bology. Call us whatever you like.

Just call on us whenever you want to feel good.