We love working with the fuel that can bring businesses to life Kola is one of several funds we have been selected to brand and help bring their story to life.

About Kola Partners

We formed KOLA PARTNERS to be a unique type of company by combining our enthusiasm for the cannabis industry with a higher level of quality and professionalism that’s usually reserved for more traditional businesses. The first part of the equation is our top-flight management team that has extensive legal, business and financial experience and consists of highly trained professionals who’ve already had success in their professions and have chosen to bring that combined expertise to KOLA.

The second part of our not so secret recipe is having respect for the management and companies we work with. In part due to the distinctive nature of the industry, we’ve created an entirely new business model designed to let you concentrate on daily operations while KOLA helps with many of the other business needs. Our strategic partnerships can take many forms from loans and equity purchases to consulting services for regulatory compliance, banking options, tax planning, IT/software solutions and co-branding for multi-state expansion needs.

Like all strong partnerships, we expect to be involved in most stages of your company’s growth and continue to provide business and financial solutions along the way. For some, the next step may be national branding of your products by expanding to different states through co-branding and licensing agreements. For others, enhancing existing operations may involve financing for commercial real estate and new equipment or additional consulting needs for regulatory requirements and tax planning as those rules continue to evolve. Whatever your business needs, KOLA will be around to provide options and long-term solutions.