We offer a ride array of branding, marketing and web development services for companies within the cannabis and hemp spaces.

Brand Development

A logo is a small graphic with a big job. The best logos, at a single glance, convey mood and meaning with color and shape. They exemplify visual brevity, taste, and professionalism.

The designers at ToolLeaf use the language of words and imagery to make a concise, powerful statement. Your cannabis logo must speak to cannabis consumers across all channels. We lead the industry in logo design for cannabis and marijuana companies.

Web Development

Mass-marketed web tools have left the impression that anyone can do it. If you have ever tried to make a do-it-yourself website, you know differently. Think of the websites you visit that make you say “WOW,” that motivate you to purchase. They were not whipped together in a few hours with a WordPress or Shopify theme. High-impact web design has a steep learning curve — hours, days, even weeks of tinkering that would be better spent serving your customers. Even then, it will be hard to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the pros.

It takes years of experience to make it “look easy.” ToolLeaf has that experience. We use state-of-the-art coding techniques to deliver customized, one-of-a-kind websites with world-class SEO. We can also help with the unique challenge of web development for marijuana and cannabis companies. Cannabis-themed websites must comply with regulations and Google terms-of-service.

Graphic Design

Mailers and fliers … YouTube thumbnails and Twitter mastheads … Every piece of content your cannabis business produces makes a statement. They don’t stand alone. They are part of a larger whole. Your brand is the real work of art. Every visual is a brushstroke in that work of art.

Consistency and quality across all design elements communicate brand strength. Our cannabis industry graphic design strategy stacks the deck in your favor with coherence and aesthetic excellence. Every image becomes an extension of your robust marijuana, hemp, or CBD brand.

Creative Consultation

A talented creative director is a priceless asset. Most companies cannot afford to have one on staff full-time, not even close.

Clients of ToolLeaf benefit from the creative collaboration with ToolStudios and branding visionary Charles Bell. As the creative consultant for your cannabis company, Charles serves as a creative sounding board. His voice of reason and logic addresses the big picture of your hemp or marijuana business. This rare skill set allows him to spot messaging opportunities for cannabis companies that others easily miss.


Think of the great advertising campaigns of all time. “Just do it.” “Where’s the beef?” “Got milk?” All of them were punchy, memorable, and got noticed.

ToolLeaf brings this “get noticed” approach to cannabis advertising. We design a current, customized plan to bring the message of your cannabis company to the most receptive audience. Our plans use the best-performing advertising channels, tailored to any budget.

Funding Support

Every great business started as an idea. Vision and financial backing made that idea a reality. At ToolLeaf we walk with giants. If your cannabis business requires funding, we are on your side.

ToolLeaf has 18+ years in brand building and deep roots both in the Colorado and worldwide business community. We know what it takes to attract cannabis capital. Let ToolLeaf polish your written business plan to attract angel investors. Let us make introductions to potential sources of funding. ToolLeaf puts its money where its mouth is. We believe in the cannabis boom and may invest in your hemp, marijuana, or CBD company ourselves.