Creative Consultation for Cannabis Brands

Cannabis businesses that become clients of ToolLeaf have access to a unique resource — founder and creative director Charles Bell.

Rare talent is needed to be an effective creative director — a talent that propelled ToolStudios to nearly two decades of success in a business to which many aspire but few succeed.

It’s that certain “something” that pulls everything together. A creative sounding board. A voice of reason. An ability to see the big picture.

Access to Charles allows you to apply this big-picture insight to:

  • Developing your Brand Story.
  • Planning Effective Advertising Campaigns.
  • Formulating Effective Marketing Strategies.
  • Sourcing Cannabis-Friendly Funding.
  • Mapping and Design of Enterprising Technology.
  • Sourcing and Developing Merchandise.
  • Vendor Resourcing and Negotiations.
  • Brand Expansion.

Curious how a world-class creative consultant could benefit your cannabis business? Contact ToolLeaf today to find out more