Web Development for Cannabis Companies

Web sites for cannabis businesses are a new animal. In many ways, the rulebook is still being written. ToolLeaf stays on the cutting edge of web trends for cannabis, offering our Marijuana, Hemp, and CBD service business clients the best practices for what is working now with the flexibility to adapt to changes in the industry.

Special regulations and Google Terms of Service also apply to websites for cannabis companies. You do not want to trust any coffeeshop web designer with your cannabis web presence! Based in Colorado, ToolLeaf stays up-to-date with the requirements to keep your cannabis website compliant and off Google blacklists.

Principals of modern web development still apply. In today’s emerging cannabis industry:

  • Dated or unprofessional websites will not fly. Customers expect beauty, function, and flawless user experience. Forget the cheap WordPress themes — go custom, and make the right impression!
  • Search Engine Optimization is mandatory. Your website must be lean, keyword-rich, authoritative, and easy to backlink.
  • Your website must be optimized for mobile browsers. Over 50% of all browsing takes place on mobile devices.

ToolLeaf offers the cannabis industry web development services that include:

  • Custom Architecture
  • Custom Third-Party Integration
  • Custom Applications
  • Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
  • eCommerce Capabilities
  • Client-Centered CMS System
  • Unlimited Design Rounds (we keep working until we get it right)

Contact ToolLeaf today to discuss the web development requirements for your cannabis business!