Brand Development for Cannabis Brands

A cannabis brand is much more than just a logo and an Instagram page. Once the logo captures a customer’s interest, they want to hear a story.

  • Who are you?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What value do you offer?
  • What journey brought you to that value proposition?

Branding is the telling of that story. First, we flesh out the story — the characters, the plot, the main idea — and then map out a messaging strategy to deliver that story to the customers it will speak to.

Branding is a process that is never complete. You always want to be developing cannabis brands, just like in any industry. Think of Coke as an example. Coke has was founded in 1886. They have many different iterations of their brand during that time, including logos, commercials, packaging, and more. This continued brand development has let them continue to be a leader in their industry.

Your brand is your story, and it needs to keep being worked on just like your companies story. Those who neglect their brand frequently find that the story of their business is coming to a close. For those looking to build a business that can last a lifetime, your story needs to continue.

In an emerging industry like Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp, and CBD, strong branding sets you apart from competitors seeking quick cash out. Your customer will trust you and your products, bringing them back for years to come. Customers can be quickly swayed by new advertising and quick specials without trust in your brand. Every time your customer tries another brand, it’s an opportunity for them never to come back.

Treating your cannabis services like the legitimate, beneficial business it is will be a huge advantage for cannabis companies carving out a space of long-term prosperity in this booming 21st-century market. Those that neglect brand development for cannabis brands will soon be pushed away by forward-thinking companies.

Brand Development for Cannabis brands is the foundation. If you fail to build your brand, everything can come crashing down.

This is why at ToolLeaf we emphasize building cannabis brands for now and the future. We do this while leaning on over 20 years in marketing and over five years of assisting cannabis brands.

ToolLeaf helps you achieve this for your Cannabis Brands by:

  • Refining your Mission Statement and Value Proposition. This is your core message and is essential for all cannabis brands. We make your message is clear.
  • Expressing that brand identity across platforms in unified text, imagery, and mood.
  • Creative imaging
  • Web development
  • Social media management

The goal is not just to make sales but to cultivate relationships that create customers for life. ToolLeaf helps your brand make a connection with the customer.

Our targets include:

  • Brand Recognition: Identifying your company name and logo with your company’s values.
  • Brand Loyalty: Trust and repeat patronage.
  • Brand Consistency: Everywhere customers find you, they find consistent visual and topical messaging.

Contact ToolLeaf today to learn more about brand development benefits for cannabis companies.