Web Development for Cannabis Branding and Companies

Your website is your piece of digital real estate. The development of your site is a crucial component of cannabis branding. Recent years have brought even more people to go online for products. This trend shows no signs of slowing as even older generations go online more and more. Your website is more important than ever in cannabis branding.

This importance is why you must take your web development seriously. Dated or unprofessional websites will not fly. Customers expect beauty, function, and a flawless user experience. Without expertise in web development, you’ll end up spending hours on a website that isn’t up to your competitors. Your expertise is your cannabis company; make sure you focus on that. Nothing feels worse than investing hours into a project that doesn’t meet your needs. The team at ToolLead is here for your web development and graphic design needs.

Feel free to check out examples of our work with our portfolio.

Trends and Regulation for Cannabis Branding

ToolLeaf stays on the cutting edge of web trends for cannabis, offering our Marijuana, Hemp, and CBD service business clients the best practices for what is working now with the flexibility to adapt to changes in the industry. Staying on top of these trends is essential for your cannabis branding.

Did you know that Special regulations and Google Terms of Service also apply to websites for cannabis companies? Many people don’t, even most web development companies out there. You do not want to trust any coffee shop web designer with your cannabis web presence! Based in Colorado, ToolLeaf stays up-to-date with the requirements to keep your cannabis website compliant and off Google blacklists. Trust the experts in the cannabis industry.

Along with cannabis-specific knowledge, principles of modern web development still apply. With our 20+ years of experience, we know how to develop your website to perform in search engines along with looking good.

Optimized Web Development

SEO – Each page of your website will be search engine optimized. We know how much traffic comes through search engines. If you are not optimizing your site correctly, you can be missing out on thousands of visitors each month. This critical step can be the difference between success and failure in cannabis branding.

Mobile – Your website must be optimized for mobile browsers. Over 50% of all browsing takes place on mobile devices. Your website needs to load and work efficiently on Android and iPhone devices quickly. You can have the best cannabis branding in the world, but if they click on your site and it doesn’t load, nothing else matters.

Speed – Your website needs to be fast. Google will penalize you for slower speeds, and so will your customers. When it comes to the web, patience is not your friend. You need your site to load quickly before your customer moves on to the next.

ToolLeaf web development services include:

  •  Custom Architecture
  •  Custom Third-Party Integration
  •  Custom Applications
  •  Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
  •  eCommerce Capabilities
  •  Client-Centered CMS System
  •  Unlimited Design Rounds (we keep working until we get it right)

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