Creative Consultation for Cannabis Brands

Weed businesses that become clients of ToolLeaf have access to a unique resource — founder and creative director Charles Bell.

Rare talent is needed to be an effective creative director. This talent propelled ToolStudios to over two decades of success in a business many aspire to, but few succeed. Using that experience, ToolLeaf was created and has been assisting companies in the weed business for over five years. This combined experience gives Charles a unique eye on the cannabis industry.

Are you looking to learn more about us? Feel free to check out the About Us section to learn more about Charles and ToolLeaf.

It’s that particular “something” that pulls everything together. A creative sounding board. A voice of reason. An ability to see the big picture. The eye on the big picture is where using ToolLeaf for your creative consultation comes into play.

What You Need for Your Weed Business

Access to Charles allows you to apply this big-picture insight to:

  • Developing your Brand Story.
  • Planning Effective Advertising Campaigns.
  • Formulating Effective Marketing Strategies.
  • Sourcing Cannabis-Friendly Funding.
  • Mapping and Design of Enterprising Technology.
  • Sourcing and Developing Merchandise.
  • Vendor Resourcing and Negotiations.
  • Brand Expansion.

The facts are that if your company is in the weed business, you are facing a rapidly changing industry. These changes occur in marketing, legal matters, financial matters, and more. ToolLeaf understands how these changes can affect your weed business. Trust us. This can be a full-time job just keeping up with the changes each year.

For instance, did you know that you cannot do paid advertising on Google or Meta platforms for your weed business? It does not matter if your state is entirely legal for recreation and medical. You might be surprised to find that there are other networks out there solely dedicated to the cannabis and hemp industries. But which one works best?

Are you aware that there are specific phrases that you can’t use on social media platforms? Using these phrases can get your account locked or permanently banned. Can you imagine losing revenue because you wrote the wrong Instagram post? It happens to different companies in the weed business every day.

Did you know that it can be difficult to find banking solutions for your weed business?

Are you familiar with all the laws in your area? The laws can change from town to town in the same state.

These are just a few topics that you need to know to own and operate a weed business. This is where Charles Bell and the team at ToolLeaf come in. With over five years in the industry with boots on the ground, our team is here to help you. ToolLeaf is here to help with all sides of the business so your team can work on what it does best.

Curious how a world-class creative consultant could benefit your cannabis business? Contact ToolLeaf today to find out more.